Protect yourself from financial fraud during Christmas

At Christmas, consumption in our country is really at a peak. The Swedes spend billions of SEK during this holiday, both through trade in stores and online. Christmas presents abound simply! However, the police believe that this holiday is not only a delight, but also the time when fraudsters see great opportunities.

You can only imagine how much easier it is for the pocket thieves to turn your wallet on a street packed with people who are out on Christmas gift hunting? Or how easy it can be for you to end up on the wrong website when you are looking for the perfect Christmas present?

That’s why we at Thomas Johns are now going to tell you how to best protect yourself from similar scams that can turn your peaceful Christmas into an economic nightmare.

Keep a close watch on your wallet

There are many ways for thieves to access your personal information, whether in town or online. The most common crime, however, is that the fraudster watches you carefully when you enter your code when you make a card purchase and then steals your wallet as you try to make your way down the crowded street. In addition, the fraudster rarely works alone, but in gangs, which further simplifies the crime. A classic warning signal is that the thief enters you or in some other way tries to divert your attention so that you do not notice that something has disappeared from your pocket.

To prevent this type of crime, you should keep your wallet as close to your body as possible. Preferably in any pocket that is difficult to access, such as an inner pocket on the jacket or in the bag. Having valuables in a backpack is definitely something that should be avoided.

Check your car

It is not only in the shops that it is chaotic at Christmas, but also on the roads. People often take the car to various shopping areas to wholesale Christmas presents. A large parking lot filled with cars can be likened to a sandwich table for thieves and burglaries in cars are hardly unusual. Fraudsters can use transmitters that interfere with the signal for your automatic car lock. Your car can still blink and sound, just as it usually does when you lock, but still leave the car unlocked.

In other words, you should be really careful about what you leave in your car when you leave it and always try to make sure the doors are locked. Never store valuables in the car as it is as easy as possible for thieves to get into your car; they hardly need to enter a box anymore if they use a jamming transmitter.

Risks of Christmas gift shopping online

It is becoming more common today that you order goods online, not least for Christmas. In addition, you often browse sites you would not otherwise have visited, just because you are actively looking for good, and maybe a little cheaper, Christmas presents. The risk is that you end up on a scam site with great prices, but where you never even receive your goods.

When it comes to online shopping, there are a lot of things to keep in mind to avoid being fooled as much as possible:

  • Have the habit of looking a little extra on the website you visit. Does it look serious? A good guideline is that a website whose address starts at https: // is more secure than one that starts with http: //.
  • Feel free to look up information about the company you are shopping for before paying to see if there are any warnings from previous customers.
  • Make sure your browser displays a symbol with a small padlock. This is called 3d Secure and involves secure card payments. If there is no such symbol and you are a little unsure whether the website is genuine or not, you should choose to pay on invoice. If invoice payment is not an option, you should look for another website, to be on the safe side.
  • Lock your credit card with an unauthorized internet lock. If you shop a lot online, this can be a security.
  • Keep a close eye on your personal information. Do not print them in mail here and there and try to vary your passwords as much as possible. In fact, strong passwords can go a long way when it comes to Internet fraud and reduce the risk of being hijacked.
  • Check what opportunities your bank offers when it comes to blocking your card at various times, for example when buying abroad or between buying online. In some cases, there are opportunities to lock the card between the purchases you make online. If you want to buy something on the internet, you can easily unlock the card using your Bank ID.

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